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Kohmak Cococape Resort

 Acommodation and rate on Koh Mak

 Swimming pool, panorama seaview


Nice, peaceful, clean and private thatched-roof, wooden cottages sit above seawaters on wooden stilts and blend harmoniously with nature.

 CoCoCape Resort

CoCoCape Resort is situated in Koh Mak, Trad province, Thailand. CoCoCape Resort has run its business for over 8 years among numerous types of trees, especially mangroves, and sea view panorama.

The accommodation of CoCoCape Resort is built naturally with a scent of authentic Thai mixed with modernity. They have been designed and imitated Thai ancient villages where detached houses were admired. They are compatible with tourists who prefer privacy. Moreover, every room of CoCoCape Resort has been designed based on its location which helps our guests to be able to enjoy the sea view panorama right in front of their rooms, no matter what types of rooms they stay. Furthermore, some rooms have been modified from real boats which make our guests feel like they went downstream in the ocean while they stay at CoCoCape Resort.

CoCoCape Resort is also compatible with family-type tourists because there are various activities to do together during their stays in CoCoCape Resort. We provide multi-step swimming pool for both children and adults andsliders for children to enjoy water sport even more. Specially, our guests can enjoy the sea view panorama while they swim. CoCoCape Resort is not compatible with only family-type tourists but also for everyone e.g. couples, friends, tourists who want to escape from jumble and look for peaceful and natural place to hide.

The prominent point of CoCoCape Resort is a long pier lying down to the sea. We provide our guests deck chairs for those who love sun bath or lie leisurely with their favorite books. Here, the guests can enjoy fresh air and clear sea water with fish visibility swimming back and forth as if they want to greet and willing to provide entertainment to our guests. Likewise,our guests can also enjoy water sports e.g. skin diving, scuba diving, kayak etc. There are groups of corals and fish lying 200 meters away from the pier. The guests may kayak to Koh Kham and Koh Pee also. Focusing on evening and night atmospheres, our guests can enjoy the scenery of sunset goes out of sight behind the hill then later observe twinkling stars over the sky at night time.

 Azure sky, crystal clear sea, white sandy beach with lazy coconut trees swaying to the rhythm of the wind, you are at Koh Mak Cococape Resort, your private world.





















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Kohmak Cococape Resort
1/8-1/9 Moo 2 Tambol Koh Mak Amphur Koh Kood Trad 23000
Tel.: (66 81) 810-2679 , (66 39) 501-003